10 Tricks to Dress Better (without a lot of effort)


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You’re a man, standing in his room, looking at his wardrobe, deciding what outfit will be the least horrible. You’re faced with a million different options but zero sense of direction. So…where do you go? I will show you the way…actually I’ll show you 10 ways! SCORE! I know…I’m so nice.

With these tricks, you will be able to go into the world and werk that hallway like a runway. You will be ready for GQ in no time!

1.  Roll up your sleeves nicely.

A lot of people like to roll up their sleeves on their dress shirts without care, making them look sloppy…and I know you don’t wanna look sloppy. The way to masterfully roll up your sleeves is:

  • Step One: folding the sleeve inside out and up your arm around your elbows.
  • Step Two: fold the bottom of the inside out sleeve over the cuff.
  • Step Three: leave the ends of the cuff exposed, leaving a neat finish.

If you do this, you will attract all the women. And maybe some boys too!

2.  You have found the right pants if you can fit two fingers in between your hip and the waistband.

It is a simple test to see if your pants will flatter your size. This rule can go with the idea of dressing for your body type because everyone is different! So, if you can’t fit two fingers comfortably, the pant will likely limit your range of mobility. And we all want to move freely. Comparatively, if you can fit more than two fingers, you will have to do the annoying task of pulling your pants up throughout the entire day and that’s too much work for us lazy people.

It’s easy, fast and WORKS!

3.  Wear shorts that break at the knee, or two inches above it.


Photo from dmarge.com

Avoid wearing baggy shorts that fall below the knee so that you don’t look like a surfer. There is nothing wrong with being a surfer, but in certain contexts it looks lazy and frumpy.

Similarly, if your shorts are too short, it can be uncomfortable to look at sometimes. No one wants to see your entire thigh. I know they look cute on some people, but as someone who doesn’t have amazing thighs, I try to avoid “short shorts” so that I don’t draw attention to them. But, if your thighs are worth showing off, show them off! I would love to stare at them all day long.

Shorts that break at the knee look sleek and polished. They are a comfortable length and also fashionable. Of course, this depends on the print, but that is such a complicated debate that comes down to subjective tastes and I’m not ready to fight you on the fact that those lime green polka dots are nice looking. Because they aren’t.

4. Avoid wearing white socks, unless you’re doing something athletic.

It is worth investing in socks that compliment your wardrobe! White socks draw attention to your feet and you want the attention to be higher (like way higher…perverts!). There’s not much to say about this rule other than to NEVER wear white socks with any outfit. Just don’t do it. I’m watching you.

5. Own a variety of shoes.

9d271a1ff158ecd85e82090b1f98abfb.jpgThis one may sound a little pretentious, but there are 5 types of shoes that every man should have to ensure that they have the widest array of clothing options. They include:

  • Casual shoes
  • Sneakers
  • Black dress shoes
  • Brown dress shoes
  • Boots (black or brown or both!)

Shoes are kind of like the cherry on top of an ice cream sundae. They make an outfit complete! So, with that in mind, owning these 5 pairs of shoes will be your gateway to creating some amazing outfits.

6. Belts have to match your shoe color.

If you’re wearing brown shoes, you must wear a brown belt. If you’re wearing a black shoe, you must wear a black belt. If your shoes are different colors, then you get to decide!

That is all I have to say on this subject.

Screen Shot 2016-10-04 at 12.10.34 AM.png

Photo’s from Google Images

7. Don’t tuck in casual shirts or polo’s, but always tuck in dress shirts.

If you don’t tuck in your dress shirts, it’ll look like you’re wearing an ugly dress. The secret to this is: if the hem curves upwards at your hip, it isn’t meant to be tucked in, but if the hem is straight across (like most dress shirts) then they must be. All it takes is one look.

8. A Blazer’s shoulder seem should end exactly with your shoulder.

To test for this, lift your arms up beside you and if the fabric rumples and creates a divot under your shoulder, it is too large. If your range of motion is restricted and the seem is hiked up your shoulder, then it is too small. Also, a mini rule about etiquette: never fasten the bottom button of a blazer. It looks sharper and avoids ruffling when you sit down.


Photo from theidleman.com

9. T-shirts shouldn’t reveal too much of your chest.

T-shirts looks best if the V-neck style is two inches below your collarbone. No more, no less. But, otherwise, I think that crew necks are proof that classic men’s design will never go out of style.

10. Experiment and don’t limit yourself!


Photo from Google Images

This one goes without saying, but fashion in general is all about experimenting and being
unafraid to try new things. See what people respond to in order to develop your own tastes and styles. Don’t be afraid of color and patterns, because a wardrobe comprised of nothing but dark and white washes are super boring and depressing. Embrace differences when it comes to taste.


Fashion is one more way for you to show the world who you are. So seize the opportunity! But…please do it right…

That’s all.



Photo from Google Images


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