Fall Fashion: I’m Autumnment About It

It’s that time of year again, where the leaves change colour and Starbucks brings back their famous pumpkin spice latte’s for everyone to enjoy. But, most importantly, it’s that time when our closets begin to shift from an abundance of short things to those long, warm and comfortable items. In essence, the two words to describe this season would be:



Fall is finally here!

But what does that have to do with fashion? With the colours and weather changing, so can your wardrobe!

Fall is the time to layer and pull out those pants, and sweaters and jackets! Here are some ideas of what to pull out of your closet (or possibly buy) to make you feel and look like a boss ass bitch.

1. Sweaters and Jumpers and All Things Comfortable


Source: Google Images


Source: Google Images

This is the best part. Being able to throw on a warm sweater, especially one fresh out of the dryer, is the best feeling. Sweaters are great for those weird transitional weeks during the fall when the weather decides to be erratic and unpredictable. But honestly, I’m done arguing with mother nature, she never listens anyway.

Sweaters and jumpers are an amazing way to experiment with pattern and texture because every sweater is different. And I am not talking about pulling out those oversized Christmas sweaters with the glow in the dark reindeer plastered across the front. No. Keep that buried until your crazy aunt who got you the sweater comes to visit for the holidays. Instead, find a sweater that speaks to you. Look at the sweater and ask yourself:

“If I saw someone else wearing it, would I be jealous of them?”

And yes, I am asking you to sound temporarily vain.


2. Jeans and Things

fashionable clothes. pile of jeans on a wooden background

Image from cheatsheet.com

Fall is the perfect time to pull out those long, ripped, loose jeans that look great with any combination…except business casual. Jeans are a perfect neutral to use with any shirts or accessories. The more colours and fits you own the better. But, since not all of us can be multi-millionaires, I recommend finding at least 2 jeans that are different colours and that fit well. You don’t want to be that guy that wears the same pant every day! That guy is gross.

But, if you decide to whip up an all denim look, meaning denim on the top and denim on the bottom, you will want to use different colours. Having one shade all over washes you out and isn’t appealing or interesting. Mixing patterns and colour will instantly update your look. Guess is notorious for advertising these looks:


Photo from Guess.com

3. Pull out those jackets

Jackets are everything. They are structured; they are fit; they are sleek; they are the bomb(er). See what I did there?

Ok ok, kidding aside, light jackets are one of those pieces that will frame any body (haha) and will instantly update any outfit. Fall is not the time to pull out those thick down jackets that will toast you to pieces. No, fall jackets are the ones that add one more layer that shields you from rain or wind. They are the topper of an outfit; the completion of the fall look!

Honestly, outerwear is the best part about fall.

A coat can become a centrepiece of any outfit.

Playing with texture, print and color will enhance your look in seconds, while also adding a healthy dose of warmth to your body.

Four jackets you can’t go wrong with:

  • Leather jackets—Bad ass. These two words are the only things people will think when they see you strutting your stuff wearing a fitted, clean and structured leather jacket. This look is super mod and has been around for years! Plus, it adds that little bit of danger that could never hurt anyone.
  • Denim jackets—Denim goes with everything. Denim is one of those materials that keeps coming back. Throwing a nice denim jacket over a sweater or a simple shirt is unexplainably attractive.
  • Army jackets—This is the perfect opportunity to play with color. A dark green overtop a first layer of clothes, is everything. It’s one of those pieces that you can throw over a basic coloured outfit and it automatically spruces it up. Adding that bit of colour goes a long way in adding that extra flair into your look.
  • Bomber jackets—this is where you get to play with colour and texture! Every bomber jacket looks unique and stylish overtop other pieces. This jacket adds depth and texture to your look, which everyone needs a little bit more of.
Screen Shot 2016-11-28 at 4.28.37 PM.png

Photo from Google Images

4. Scarves

Early fall is the perfect time for lightweight scarves, but once the chill of starts to really seep through your clothes and down to your bones, it’s time to break out the big guns. Scarves are one of those things that marries both fashion and utility. They’re warm, they’re fun and they’re sassy. There is nothing sassier than a scarf blowing in the wind behind you as you walk down a street. Take any Burberry ad ever made for example!

5. Boots


Photo from Pinterest

Dressy. rugged. Slick.

The best thing about boots is that, with few exceptions, they’re versatile enough to enhance any outfit. Situation depending, but really, you can’t go wrong with updating an outfit by throwing on a nice boot.

So, as the leaves change from green to bright oranges, reds and yellows, take the time to make that switch into the sweater weather season.

And just remember,

“Hot fashion will keep you warm.”

That’s all.



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