Business Casual? It’s in your Jeans.

Look, I know this is a controversial topic, and a lot of different opinions exist over the question that we have all asked over and over again…

“Can jeans be considered business casual?”

The only answer I can give you is yes…and no. Well, it depends! It’s all about the style of jeans. But, yes they can be (you may take that sigh of relief and continue reading this post without the gripping anxiety of my possible dream crushing news).

As with most business casual related things, debates are controversial and differing from person to person. But, I am here to make sure that you don’t throw spaghetti at your mother next time she yells at you to change out of your jeans and put something more formal on. No, I am here to save you from that horrible act of violence that you most definitely would have committed without reading this.

The main ensemble that seams (fashion pun) to be the most effective is juxtaposing a blazer with a button-up shirt and a patterned tie with the denim bottoms.

It’s almost like a mullet, but on your legs!

You know, business on the top and party on the bottom!

I actually find that wearing denim can make you look: less intimidating, self-aware, and clean-cut.

The dressed up denim look is finding its way more and more into the mainstream and entertainment world and as such the business world itself. Pretty much any red carpet now (other than the super classy ones like the Oscars) you can find the denim business look. The 2015 VMA’s red carpet exhibit this perfectly. Many of the men come dressed in a sophisticated, yet casual look with the pairing of denim. Yes, denim does dress down an outfit, but that doesn’t always mean dressed down translates to frumpy. Sometimes, it can mean looking:

Approachable, relaxed, comfortable, poised

And most importantly, hot as balls.

But, those are celebrities! Most of you…actually probably all of you are regular people like me. So, as a normal person, I am telling you (my fellow normal person) that it all depends. I know, I sound like a broken record, but it’s because it’s true. I can’t tell you that your look is acceptable in every environment and context, but I am telling you it is useful to use proper judgement to decide whether it’s an option of clothing. Maybe your boss is super strict about no denim (in which case quit your job) or maybe he is super chill and actually gives a shit about more important things than clothes…maybe like productivity and reliability. I don’t know. So, if the censorship doesn’t exist, you don’t have to abide by it. I’m trusting you to use your own judgment when it comes to appropriateness.


Photo taken from– read more about business casual and what that entails Here

If you do decide to wear jeans with your look, make sure they are the right pair.

How do I know I am wearing the right pair of jeans?


Photo from

  1. The jeans fit correctly: more information on this can be found in a previous blog post I wrote here.
  2. They are tighter rather than looser: men are committing a crime by throwing a blazer over a pair of long, ratty and wide jeans. Slimmer. Tighter. Ankle break. These three things are your best friend. The photos above demonstrate this perfectly! Look at how sharp and handsome they all look. Not one of them is wearing a loose pant. They’re leading by example. Follow them.
  3. Colour is dark: darker washes for a jean are what make the look appear luxurious rather than cheap. If you have a bright pant, it will throw off the sophisticated impression that most businessmen wish to convey. Dark and slim denim is an essential feature to have in your wardrobe, whether that is splurging huge amounts of money on a designer pair, or buying a cheaper no-brand name pair, they are a must-have. Darker colors are prime for fashion because they complement other aspects of your outfit (which for most businessmen could be their tie). This draws attention away from your legs and up to your face. If you wear a lighter pair, it will only make you look foolish.
  4. No fade or signs of wear: try to keep the jeans looking as new and clean as possible. If they look worn and torn, then they lose the sharp appeal. You want people to take you seriously (I hope) and this is only gonna happen if you have jeans that look fresh. If your jeans are faded or have rips in them, it looks like you don’t care and have problems in your life. I mean…come on. Frayed jeans is basically a reflection of your own life. If your jeans aren’t out together, then neither are you.

Think of it as a metaphor:

The more put together your jeans look, the more put together YOU look! 

So, now that you are an expert on the business casual possibilities, I urge you to go and slay the scene with your looks! I would love to see what you come up with! Feel free to comment a photo below of your concocted looks, I would thoroughly enjoy admiring your hard work.


It’s in your Jeans.

That’s all.



Denim art from Here


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