Business Casual? It’s in your Jeans.

Look, I know this is a controversial topic, and a lot of different opinions exist over the question that we have all asked over and over again…

“Can jeans be considered business casual?”

The only answer I can give you is yes…and no. Well, it depends! It’s all about the style of jeans. But, yes they can be (you may take that sigh of relief and continue reading this post without the gripping anxiety of my possible dream crushing news). Continue reading


Defining Your Style



Rachel Zoe

You will often find that fashion bloggers and editors use phrases like: “what look are you going for?” and “what does this thing say about you?” And a lot of the time, the answer is nothing. But, what these phrases are getting at is the root word in all fashion: Style.

Style is one of those terms that is so can’t be taught, but can be learned. But, the biggest question that rings true when thinking about style is:

“What is it?”

It’s easy for someone to negotiate with someone what constitutes as appropriate dress and style, but realistically, it is radically subjective and can only be defined by each individual person. Therefore, I want to help you define it. I want to help you find that aesthetic that reflects what you are about and what you want to say.

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Fall Fashion: I’m Autumnment About It

It’s that time of year again, where the leaves change colour and Starbucks brings back their famous pumpkin spice latte’s for everyone to enjoy. But, most importantly, it’s that time when our closets begin to shift from an abundance of short things to those long, warm and comfortable items. In essence, the two words to describe this season would be:



Fall is finally here!

But what does that have to do with fashion? With the colours and weather changing, so can your wardrobe!

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10 Tricks to Dress Better (without a lot of effort)


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You’re a man, standing in his room, looking at his wardrobe, deciding what outfit will be the least horrible. You’re faced with a million different options but zero sense of direction. So…where do you go? I will show you the way…actually I’ll show you 10 ways! SCORE! I know…I’m so nice.

With these tricks, you will be able to go into the world and werk that hallway like a runway. You will be ready for GQ in no time!

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Shop Like a Man…or Not.

“This is the men’s section.”

What does that even mean?


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If I had a quarter for every time I have gone into a store looking to buy some new dope ass clothes and find that the only place I can look is a tiny rack in the corner, I’d be richer than Bill Gates. Not cute.


And what makes it even worse is seeing how damn big the women’s section is! Sometimes, it’s more than one floor! WHO DO THEY THINK THEY ARE?

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This is it.

That moment where I put myself out on a limb and hope to god it pays off. As a nice young white Jewish boy sitting in his room trying to find what the hell I want to say, I think that I have an opportunity to say something big; Something life changing; something that maybe I didn’t even know before. And it all starts with one word…


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